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Doug Schmidt


Why should every book have a discussion guide?

Internalization: Readers are more likely to internalize the principles of a book if they are asked engaging questions about what they’ve read.

Sales: When a book is given a greater potential to be used in a small group, by including a discussion guide, possible sales for the book go up exponentially.  

Discussion Guide Consultants offers three levels of interaction …

      Level 1: A 30-40 minute phone call discussing a 51-item questionnaire about the book that needs a discussion guide.

      Level 2: The substantive edit of a discussion guide provided by the author or publisher.

      Level 3: The creation of brand-new discussion guide.

Drop us a note to find out the current rates for each of these levels.

About Doug ...

Doug has been a content developer with several publishers for over twenty years. He had degrees in biblical studies and systematic theology from Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Doug is the author of two books and numerous small group resources.twitter-128x128.png



Radio, TV, and Magazines


Doug's latest radio interview was with 

Stephanie Riggs on KRKS, Denver (94.7 FM)


Doug has been interviewed by Anita Lustrea & Elsa Mazon on WMBI's Midday Connection (National); Life Talk Network (East Coast); USA Radio Network, (National); KRMT-TV, (Denver); Faith2Action with Janet Folger, (National); KGFT - Bob Grant Live, (Colorado Springs); KFAX, (San Francisco); Sounds of the Spirit Radio Network with Kurt Goff, (Las Vegas); WMUZ, (Detroit); Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier (Richmond); WWJC, (Central Minnesota; KNEO, (Missouri), WWGN, (Central Illinois), KJLS, (St. Louis); KNMI, (New Mexico); KGMS, (Tucson); KDOV, (Northern California); KIXL, (Austin);  KTIS, (Minneapolis); WNIV, (Atlanta); KAJN, (Baton Rouge); KBJS, (Central Texas); WPOZ, (Orlando); WAFG, (Fort Lauderdale); KFLQ, (Albuquerque); KORE, (Central Oregon); WPMH, (Chesapeake, VA); WCTS, (Minneapolis); KJTY, (Topeka); KSIV, (St. Louis); KNIZ, Radio Envoy, (Colorado Springs); UCB (United Kingdom); The Todd Feinburg Show (National).


Doug has appeared as a guest on the nationally-syndicated Daystar Television Network.


Doug’s articles have appeared in Christian Counseling Today; CBA Marketplace; Christian Retailing; Trinity Alumni Magazine; Wheaton

Alumni Magazine; and Power for Living. 



Doug’s Books


The Prayer of Revenge: Forgiveness in the Face of Injustice, author, published by David C. Cook. This book is about what it means to forgive the remorseless and unrepentant; it has been translated into Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.


You CAN Take It With You! author, published by David C. Cook. This book is about what motivates people in their search for what is meaningful. 


LifeChange Bible Study: Psalms 

author, published by NavPress 


LifeChange Bible Study: Daniel

author, published by NavPress 





 “There is no question in the Christian life more urgent to ask and more difficult to answer than this: 'How can we forgive our enemy and still uphold God's demands for justice?' Doug Schmidt gives us a biblical answer and does so superbly.”

Dr. Lewis Smedes, author of the Christian classic, Forgive and Forget


“Powerful and extremely well-written.”

Dr. Jim Dyet, The Amy Foundation


“Doug Schmidt has written a thoughtful, probing work that touches all of us. He makes the inquiries and offers responses that can only come when truth is the goal. If you are a seeker, if you want to go beyond 'forgive and forget,' if you want thinking that's reasonable and smacks of a deep reality, then The Prayer of Revenge is for you.”

Jan Silvious, Author of Foolproofing Your Life: Wisdom for Untangling Your Most Difficult Relationships


The Prayer of Revenge is an overwhelmingly honest depiction of how God views vengeance, justice, and forgiveness. I am amazed at the level of clarity with which Doug is able to intertwine biblical passages with everyday experiences.”

Wanda G. Anderson, General Counsel, The Orchard Foundation –

Member of The National Black Evangelical Association and The New York Bar


“This astute book deals honestly and compassionately with the sense of unfairness, the passion for retribution, the struggle to forgive, and the flood of emotions that engulf and pull down even the most dedicated Christian who has suffered injustice. Interspersed with captivating stories, The Prayer of Revenge is a straightforward, biblically solid, helpful discussion of a tough-to-handle topic.”

Dr. Gary R. Collins, counselor and author of

Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide


“Does your quality of life in Heaven depend on how you've readied yourself on earth? When Jesus said to prepare treasures for yourself in Heaven, do those treasures vary according to how you prepared? Doug Schmidt courageously addresses the questions that many of us have about life after death, but few have answered clearly.”

Marshall Shelley, Editor, Leadership, Vice President, Christianity Today International


“Just as he did in The Prayer of Revenge (on forgiving the unrepentant), Doug Schmidt delivers a wonderfully fresh, biblically-informed treatment on the importance of everyday life and its impact on eternity in . . . You CAN Take It With You! Dare to ask yourself the question, “How much does God trust me?”

Steve Wamberg, author of: Pinocchio Nation: Embracing Truth in a Culture of Lies


“If you think heaven is a 'someday' thing, just read You CAN Take It With You. Doug Schmidt shows you how the hereafter is here today.”

Steve Grissom President, Church Initiative


You CAN Take It With You! is a book that will make you think outside the parameters of your traditional concept of the reward system” in heaven.  Doug Schmidt dares to ask the hard questions most of us won’t even talk about.”

     Carol Kent,  Author of When I Lay My Isaac Down



Independent reviews


Doug’s work has received positive reviews at: Midwest Book Review; WriterSpeaker.com; WordSmith; Ringwood Baptist Church; the  SAM Journal; FreelanceWriters.com; WritersWeekly.com; CrossHome.com; ThisChristianLife.com;  CelebrateLove.com; MyShelf.com; Kingsway; LivingTheSolution.com; A Look At Books with Gregg Cantelmo; and JewishBooks.net



Sample review


“I have always believed that not every book is meant for every reader. The Prayer of Revenge may very well be the exception to this rule.  If you live and breathe – you need the insight that its author, Doug Schmidt, shares. All humans struggle with issues of anger, resentment and sorrow. The Prayer of Revenge is filled with practical instructions for getting past our misdirected desire for revenge while it helps the reader heal and perhaps . . . move toward restoration. I’ve read other books where problems are analyzed and issues are tossed back and forth, but never have I found a book that so beautifully provides a sensible way to move past our destructive feelings and the ungodly behaviors that often result from them. This book allows its reader to apply Scriptures while taking into account the intensity of the feelings that accompany hatred and revenge. There is no finger-pointing or condemnation – simply compassion and direction from the Word of God.  The Prayer of Revenge is applicable whether the reader is dealing with severe trauma (rape, adultery, molestation, death of a child), global issues (terrorism, fear) or more personal issues (backstabbing coworkers, slandering neighbors).  It can also be used as a manual to guide and minister to other wounded individuals. Schmidt treats the harshest of subjects with enormous sensitivity and uses appropriate humor to make his book not only practical but enjoyable. If you’ve ever felt the heat of anger creep up your neck, you will find this book a soothing balm for your soul. I could not put it down until I devoured the last word.”


Louise Bergmann Dumont


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