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About … The Prayer of Revenge: How to Forgive the Arrogant & Remorseless. 

[The Prayer of Revenge has been translated into Portuguese, Korean, and Russian by international publishers.]

Backstabbers. Slanderers. Unfaithful Spouses. Thieves. Molesters. Terrorists.

How do some people manage to truly forgive their arrogant and remorseless offenders?

Are we to sit by while our loved ones suffer and expect the violator to go unpunished?
Do we struggle to forgive … or vow to bring the offender to justice?
Do we see life as unfair and wonder, “Where is God in all of this?”

When wronged, emotionally wounded people (in Bible days) poured out their hearts to God. Many of them pled with Him for retribution and vindication. But how can we pray in the same way, and still love our enemies as Christ taught?

Doug Schmidt walks with you into the vortex of this astounding paradox. Be prepared to learn the life-changing keys to forgiving the unrepentant by refusing to minimize what happened, and then discovering a new-found confidence in God’s willingness to accomplish justice on your behalf.


“There is no question in the Christian life more urgent to ask and more difficult to answer than this: ‘How can we forgive our enemy and still uphold God’s demands for justice?’ Doug Schmidt gives us a biblical answer and does so superbly. His book is slim and his message is clear. An ideal combination.”

The late Dr. Lewis Smedes, Forgive and Forget

“This astute book deals honestly and compassionately with the sense of unfairness, the passion for retribution, the struggle to forgive, and the flood of emotions that engulf and pull down even the most dedicated Christian who has suffered injustice. Interspersed with captivating stories, The Prayer of Revenge is a straightforward,, helpful discussion of a tough-to-handle topic.”

Dr. Gary R. Collins, President of The Bridge Institute, and author of Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide

“What are we to do when someone shatters our lives and doesn’t look back or even care? Doug Schmidt’s book, The Prayer of Revenge wisely and clearly guides the reader through the flooding torrent of emotions and thoughts, as well as providing some specific action steps so that we are not overcome by evil, but learn to overcome evil with good.”

Leslie Vernick, How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong

“Doug Schmidt has written a thoughtful, probing work that touches all of us. He makes the inquiries and offers responses that can only come when truth is the goal. If you are a seeker, if you want to go beyond ‘forgive and forget,’ if you want thinking that’s reasonable and smacks of a deep reality, then this book for you.”

Jan Silvious, Foolproofing Your Life: Wisdom for Untangling Your Most Difficult Relationships

The Prayer of Revenge is an overwhelmingly honest depiction of how God views vengeance, justice, and forgiveness. I am amazed at the level of clarity with which Doug is able to intertwine biblical passages with every day experiences. It’s my hope that the readers of this book will experience a catharsis as they begin to hear from the Lord about responding to injustice in their own lives.”

Wanda G. Anderson, General Counsel, The Orchard Foundation, Member of The National Black Evangelical Association & The New York Bar

About … Protestant Purgatory: Understanding the Final Judgment of Christians

In 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, Paul describes “The Bema House,” a figurative structure that represents the spiritual quality of a Christian’s life. According to this passage, every Christian chooses the materials with which to build this unique structure stubble: hay, wood, gems, silver, or gold. While grace alone assures us of God’s love, how we live now still determines the responsibilities that await us in eternity. Many Christians wonder, If I’m saved, what eternal difference will it make how I live now? How could there be levels of responsibility in heaven, if all that matters is getting through the gates?

Many believers are troubled by the concept of degrees of reward in heaven, yet they still wonder what those rewards will be based upon. If we’re saved by faith alone, how can we be rewarded “according to what we have done?” (Ps. 62:12; Matt. 16:27; Rom. 2:6; etc.). This book answers the uneasy question asked by many Christians: Sure I trust God… but, how much does He trust me?


Does your quality of life in heaven depend on how you’ve readied yourself on earth? When Jesus said to prepare treasures for yourself in heaven, do those treasures vary according to how you prepared? Doug Schmidt courageously addresses the questions that many of us have about life after death, but few have answered clearly.

Marshall Shelley, Editor, Leadership Journal; Vice President, Christianity Today International

Doug Schmidt delivers a wonderfully fresh, informed treatment on the importance of everyday life and its impact on eternity in Protestant Purgatory. Dare to ask yourself the question “How much does God trust me?”

Steve Wamberg, Pinocchio Nation