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refuse to rent your convictions

So many people get stuck in their lives because they only “rent” their beliefs from others: parents, spouses, leaders, bosses, celebrities, organizations … The list goes on and on.

They say to themselves, “Maybe I should believe this particular thing because this confident person in my life endorses it.”

In the end, however, it doesn’t matter who influences you.

The decisions you make, and their consequences, belong to you — and you alone.

The person who fully owns what he or she believes can say with confidence:

“I deserve what I have chosen … and I can always choose differently.”

The “ownership” emphasis in this blog will focus on the following major themes:

1. Procrastination: Any massive, intimidating project can be tackled and completed if it’s broken into small enough pieces; this action will “fool your flight response.”

2. Suffering: Once a loss is fully mourned, it will eventually lose its power over you.

3. Vulnerability: Every relationship has its healthiest level of vulnerability; find out what this level is for each person in your circle of influence.

4. Transformation: Personal transformation can happen quickly and peacefully by engaging well-crafted questions.

5. Internalization: Once you internalize a healthy principle or truth, living it out becomes second nature to you; you will do it automatically, without thinking about it.

Best wishes on wherever your journey takes you.


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