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There are two sides to Doug …

(A) He’s a socially-comfortable quiet guy who must spend time alone or with his wife to re-energize;

(B) but loves to spend that energy with people.

(A) He’s more of a big-picture person, helping established writers to develop their voices, or editorial teams with content development;

(B) but also able to quickly spot small errors on a first run through a manuscript.

(A) He’s a bit cerebral in his worldview;

(B) but he feels emotions deeply, though rarely expressing them openly. (He saves that sort of thing for his writing.)

(A) He takes a long time to make decisions, and then sticks to them;

(B) but exercises considerable flexibility when it comes to billing, (He’ll always propose a flat rate for a project, no matter how long it takes.)

If you correctly guess Doug’s Myers-Briggs type from the information above, he’ll send you a (digital) high five … 


E-mail: doug@dougschmidt.com