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Minimize No More! How To See the Significant Losses in Your Life Lose Their Power Over You

“It’s important to count your losses before you count your blessings. If you view a blessing as “making up” for some loss, then that loss still holds power over you.”

The first essential step in the healing process is to clearly identify what you’ve lost.

Not something that you’ll get back again, maybe someday . . .

or a loss for which you’ll eventually be compensated . . .

or a loss for which you hope to receive an apology.

On these pages you’re going to list the things you used to have, and will never have again because of someone’s indifference, negligence, or malice (or perhaps even your own).

For some people, doing this is no big deal.

For others, it may feel like a spiritual root canal.

Download Loss Inventory heremnm.loss.inventory

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