Book #2 ~ Protestant Purgatory: Understanding the Final Judgment of Christians


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In 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, Paul describes “The Bema House,” a figurative structure that represents the spiritual quality of a Christian’s life. According to this passage, every Christian chooses the materials with which to build this unique structure stubble: hay, wood, gems, silver, or gold. While grace alone assures us of God’s love, how we live now still determines the responsibilities that await us in eternity. Many Christians wonder, If I’m saved, what eternal difference will it make how I live now? How could there be levels of responsibility in heaven, if all that matters is getting through the gates?

Many believers are troubled by the concept of degrees of reward in heaven, yet they still wonder what those rewards will be based upon. If we’re saved by faith alone, how can we be rewarded “according to what we have done?” (Ps. 62:12; Matt. 16:27; Rom. 2:6; etc.). This book answers the uneasy question asked by many Christians: Sure I trust God… but, how much does He trust me?


Does your quality of life in heaven depend on how you’ve readied yourself on earth? When Jesus said to prepare treasures for yourself in heaven, do those treasures vary according to how you prepared? Doug Schmidt courageously addresses the questions that many of us have about life after death, but few have answered clearly.

Marshall Shelley, Editor, Leadership Journal; Vice President, Christianity Today International

Doug Schmidt delivers a wonderfully fresh, informed treatment on the importance of everyday life and its impact on eternity in Protestant Purgatory. Dare to ask yourself the question “How much does God trust me?”

Steve Wamberg, Pinocchio Nation