“I Could Be Missing Something”

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One man esteems one day as more important. Another esteems every day alike. Let each man be fully assured in his own mind (Romans 14:5)

Life Questions …

React to the following statement … “I have strong convictions about many things—and I could be missing something”

Why is it sometimes healthy in a relationship to say “Let me help you do what works for you”? Under what circumstances would you need to draw a line with that?

High Internalization Potential (HIP) Answer …

If something is true, it’s not afraid to be questioned. If I say to myself “I could be missing something,” then I create a space in my mind to engage someone else’s perspective. When I do that, one of three things could happen: 1. My conviction will strengthen; 2. I’ll modify my position; 3. I’ll change my mind. In any case, I’m better off in that I’m coming into closer alignment with what is true.

Especially when,

Schmidt Happens

Life Question Bible (a New Patreon Project) (see video in sidebar) 

This week’s tier rewards include Life Questions on delayed justice, how our parents shape our view of God, and a “Behind the Scenes (Subconsciously)” spotlight focusing on the relationship between kindness and truth.

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